Step Forward to Success Training

Personal Breakthrough Experience + Life Coaching + NLP

Change your life!

Erase barriers and roadblocks from the past!

Re-discover yourself!

Move forward in your life and career


Step Forward to Success Training Ibiza

2 days Personal Breakthrough Experience + 3 Days Life Coaching + 2 days NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

A heavenly 7 day training in Ibiza!

A life-changing experience that is only for you and connected with the beauty of a famous destination for a reason!

Step Forward to Success training is created for the people WHO:

- need a change in their life
– want to step out from the crowd and succeed
– want to get new relations
– want to discover a new prospective of the world through the eyes of people from different cultures
– are stuck now, want to move forward and don’t know how to do it
– are willing to uncover their hidden skills they never believed they have
– have the wish to look at their past, present and future from a positive angle
– want to embrace forgiveness and acceptance

The Step Forward to Success training will help you re-awaken your enthusiasm for living.

NOW you have the chase to unlocking the resources that you already have inside of you.

Through the complementary, integrative and interactive set of Coaching and NLP techniques embodied in the Step Forward to Success training, you can create the life you desire.

You will get hold of the root of your problems quickly and easily, eliminate dissonance and illuminate your resources. You will learn the most sought-after integrative-mind approaches available for the purpose of personal advancement, achievement and accomplishment.

How it’s working?


Getting to the root cause of whatever is holding you back and providing you with knowledge of what you are currently focusing on, how you relate to the world around you, your motivations, decisions and goals.


Letting go of all of the barriers and roadblocks from the past. At the end of this step, you will be feel lighter, more in tune with who you really are, and better able to see the bright future that awaits you.


Creating new, empowering objectives and aligning your values, motivations and decisions to them. By the end of this step you will have a personal mission statement, a solid sense of purpose, a sense of clarity and direction in your life.

What I will get?

You will learn how to: create the life of your dream, manage stress, set goals, step forward in your personal life and career, get rid of the bad behaviors, create a safe supportive environment for yourself and others, learn how to view the world through other person eyes, how to prioritize the issues and go through difficult decisions, empower yourself to take positive action, time management and many more.

2-day Personal Breakthrough

Day 1: Who am I?

Day 2: Do I have conflicts? Why/How do I fail?

3-day Life Coaching

Day 3: There is always another way

Day 4: My time is my value

Day 5: The story of my new life

2-day NLP

Day 6: Release your past

Day 7: Resources for your future

Surf your mind waves just like the ocean waves!
Take the opportunity to visit and combine clearing your mind while giving space to your body.

Join a group committed to raise self-awareness, improve communication and set clear goals in an environment of trust, open-mindedness and fun!

About our Tutor: Marta S. Toth

Marta S. Toth, our most senior trainer on board, will be the lead trainer for this training.
She is the founder of the Coaching, NLP and Mediation Academy and of the trademarked Lineo Coaching method, and has an international reputation as a world class trainer and coach.
She is the trainer of choice for UNICEF, top executives, conflict resolution specialists/negotiators, professional athletes.

She is a communications specialist, journalist, coach, mediator and Master NLP Practitioner.

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About Ibiza

Ibiza island is situated in the balearic archipel. This is the third island in term of surface after Mallorca and Minorca
with 210 km of coastline. Ibiza is a wonderful island, with emeralds beaches (more than 50),
and always blue sky (more than 300 days of sunshine per year).

The island, which was founded in 654BC, is home to the uninhabited isle of Es Vedra. It’s said to be where Ulysses was lured
from his ship by the sirens in Homer’s Odyssey. There’s also a magnetic field that renders compasses useless.
In the 15th century Nostradamus predicted that Ibiza will be the Earth’s final refuge.
It’s also believed that the prevailing winds on the island will make it the only place able to sustain life after a nuclear fallout.
To the naked eye, the island of Ibiza is just small patch of land floating in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain,
but to those in the know, it is a rich landscape promising adventure, fun, relaxation and so much more…

During our training we offer plenty of breaks, and a 1.5 hour lunch for you to relax, lounge or take a nap in one of the
most beautiful relaxing places in the world. There are great views everywhere you look:
Mediterranean vegetation, hills, the magnificent nature of Ibiza on all sides.
Enjoy a good meal, and spend time with like-minded people from around the world.
If you would like to try different activities we can offer you tennis sessions, yoga, meditation, water sports for extra fees.


This is an action 7 days training where you will work on yourself, discovering your true passion and purpose.
Get clear on how to achieve your ultimate goals. Get clear about your life TODAY!
Give yourself a massive reset in your life and career, come out of your old shell and allow the empowered, true you to emerge.


Price includes:

– training fees
– participation certificate
– snacks
– free 2×1 hour Skype session as post training support
– professional photos

Price: 7 days – €1520.- / £1099.-

If you are unable to attend a whole week but would like to attend few days, these fees will apply:

Take 2 -day Personal Breakthrough €579.- / £419.-
Take 2 -day Personal Breakthrough + 3 -day Coaching €1249.- / £1039.-

The Step Forward to Success training schedule:

20th June – 26th June 2015
25th July – 31st July 2015
18th September – 24th September 2015

Last date for registration: 20 days before the beginning date
Minimum number of attendees: 6 | Location: Ibiza

Booking and Payment

For more details, please contact us via email or phone and we will send you an email including the payment information and the contract.

UK: +44 56 0000 1441; +44 77 67874008
Hungary: +36 70 394 5336

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